Catalogue Boutique du Menuisier - page 61

Ferme porte :
Automatic Door (automatic hydraulic closing
Fiche :
Pin (door hinge, butt-hinge, rotating element : hinge
pin, plate pin, anuba pin).
Fond de joint :
Butt Joint (square, rectangular or round
shapped section of supple material bounding the depth of the
Fourrure :
Cover (cover-piece to compensate the frame
width or thickness. This piece links the frame to the wall and
contibutes to the resistance and waterproofness of the window).
Gâche :
Striking Plate or Lock Staple.
Garde corps :
Guard rail or hand rail (for window or French
Gonds :
Habillage :
External :
PVC strips fixed by clips in the recess of the frame
in renovation work.
Internal :
flat moulding or PVC strips to conceal the joint
between joinery and insulation or masonry.
Huisserie :
Hygrométrie :
Hygrometry (measure of humidity of air).
Imposte :
Transom (fixed frame on top of door or window).
Isophonique :
Soundproofing (allows reduction in noise level).
Isoplane :
Coffin door (frame made of two smooth panels
either sides).
Isotherme :
Isothermal (heat insulation).
Jet d’eau :
Door or Window Drip (projecting moulding on
window sills or built ledge to evacuate water).
Lasure :
Wood Stain (not a paint but an impregnation (protec-
tion) and a finish (stain).
Linteau :
Lintel (Built horizontal top cross section of an
Manoeuvre :
Operation (control of mechanism of roll-down
shutter - electrical, strap, winch)
Meneau :
Mullion (vertical shaft dividing lights in a window).
Moulure :
Mouldind (ornemental contour given to beading,
drip or frame).
Paumelle :
Hinge (comes off its hinges by lifting the leaf).
Parclose :
Glazing Bead (wood strips securing glass panes
in the joinery).
Penne :
Latch (small spring-lock catching when door is closed
and keeping it shut).
Penture :
Strap Hinge (metallic part pivoting on hook used to
open swing shutters).
Persienne :
Slated Shutter.
Petit bois :
Wooden Glazing Bar (small section wood beading
either vertical or horizontal dividing glazing in several panes).
Pièce d’appui :
Window Ledge (lower cross section of the
frame resting on the wall).
Sectionnelle :
Garage door with horizontal folding sections.
Securit :
Safety glass.
Sens d’ouverture :
Direction in which a door opens.
Position of the observer when looking at the hinges of a door :
- hinges on the left -> opens to the left
- hinges on the right -> opens to the right.
Serrure :
Lock (locking device of the of doors and windows
Seuil :
Sill of door.
Soubassement :
Lower part of the leaf of a glazed door.
Sous face :
Underside (of the housing of a roll-down shutter).
Stadip :
Reinforced glass (retards breaking-in).
Tableaux :
Reveals (built sides of door or window opening).
Tablier :
«Apron» (formed by all the laths of a roll-down shutter).
Tapée de persienne :
Wooden piece on outer side of win-
dow for attachment of window.
Tertiaire :
Tertiary (term concerning a construction that is
not used for either living accomodation, industrial or agricultural
activities, but as offices for business services private ot public).
Trémie :
Stair well (opening made in the floor to accomodate
a staircase).
Vantail :
Leaf or flap (of a door or a window. Can be fixed,
mobile, single, double or multiple) (vantaux : leaves or flaps).
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